Responsible pharmacists are advised to click here to see if a pharmacy they are responsible for is due for inspection in order to make necessary preparations for inspections.

Inspection reports and other relevant documents are available online.

After any inspection the responsible pharmacist must respond to any shortcomings identified online and provide an improvement plan.

Responsible pharmacists are required to complete a self-inspection questionnaire by 01 March every year.  In the event of a change of responsible pharmacist or a new pharmacy been opened, the new responsible pharmacist must submit a self-inspection questionnaire within 3 months of appointment. Responsible pharmacist must submit an improvement plan-

  • with each self-inspection; and
  • within 30 days from the date of the last inspection conducted by an inspection officer appointed by Council and receipt of final inspection report.

Click here to access a Pharmacy inspections and guide to compliance to assist you in preparation for an inspection.

All inspections will be conducted in line with the new Inspection Grading Methodology, which can be viewed here

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