The internship or pre-registration year follows immediately after completion of a four years full-time study which leads to the awarding of a BPharm degree. The practical period for pre-registration is a minimum of twelve months or 365 days which must be conducted under an approved tutor. The practical training year is of extreme importance for the pharmacy graduate as it is an opportunity for the pharmacist intern to gain practical experience and knowledge in the pharmacy practice setting. This practical training period may be carried out in a community pharmacy, institutional pharmacy, manufacturing pharmacy or at a provider of a qualification in pharmacy approved by Council for such training. Pharmacists with foreign qualifications may only perform practical training in community or institutional pharmacy.

During the practical training period, an intern is required to successfully complete the pre-registration evaluation which comprises the online submission of the CPD Portfolio and writing the pre-registration examination and the tutor must submit the required progress reports prior to registration as a pharmacist for the purpose of performing pharmaceutical community service.

The following activities must be completed online on the secure site using your login details:

  • Completion of a CPD Portfolio
  • Completion of progress reports by the tutor
  • Application to sit for the Pre-registration Examination
  • Confirmation of attendance of workshops

Registered Persons