FAQ: Can I submit my portfolio instead of recording CPD activity?

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FAQ: Can I submit my portfolio of evidence instead of filling a CPD entry?

Question: Can I send the SAPC my electronic portfolio instead of completing online CPD entries?

Answer: No. Please do not attempt to upload or submit your electronic portfolio of evidence to the SAPC unless you are specifically requested to do so. In order to have a CPD activity, such as attendance of a lecture or workshop, recorded with the SAPC, the registered person is required to complete an online CPD entry using either the 2-step or 4-step process.

What is considered evidence?

Anything that you can use to support your CPD entry, such as the learning material (i.e. the article you learnt from), a certificate of attendance of a short course or symposium, etc., a link (URL) to the website(s) from which you did your research, photographs or videos of activities that you participated in, amongst others.

What should I do with my evidence?

Please store your evidence securely in an electronic portfolio as the SAPC may require that it be uploaded or submitted at a later stage.

When will my evidence be required?

The SAPC may request that you submit or upload your evidence at any point in the future when we begin formally assessing CPD entries. You will be contacted directly by the SAPC and will be provided with instructions on how best to submit your evidence to us.