FAQ: Can I ask someone else to submit CPD entries on my behalf?

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FAQ: Can I request someone else to submit my CPD entries online?

Question: Can I request someone else to complete my CPD entries on the CPD system?

Answer: No. Providing a third party with access to your secure profile on the SAPC website compromises the protection of your personal information and leaves you open to disciplinary action.

Keep in mind that your secure profile contains confidential information such as your ID/Passport number, your various addresses and contact information, and even your photograph. Identity theft is rife in South Africa, and providing your personal login details to anyone puts you at risk of serious consequences.

Do not forget to check and confirm your information on your secure profile on the SAPC website and to update it immediately should something change. Remember, you can also change your password once you are logged in to the site, so make sure your information is secure by updating your password regularly.